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You will be forever missed





Remembering Tarek El Kady

How do you describe a man who did so much for so many?

He was a loving husband. A devoted father. A trusted friend. For those working with him, he was an appreciated colleague, an inspiring mentor, and a bold leader. Tarek was a rare visionary with a big heart. He accepted no limits to what could be achieved. With transparency and honesty, he empowered and championed the people around him, respecting their ideas, while pushing them to become even better.

But the true measure of his character shone through in the seemingly small, everyday kind of moments. Always caring, always making sure to wish everyone a good morning, and not shy from sharing a joke or two to cheer up his surroundings.

It's safe to say that with his larger-than-life personality, hard work, and unwavering optimism, Tarek made an impression and an impact on everyone he encountered.

Tarek, you left us far too soon, but your legacy will live on.

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His Life


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